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We measure the activities of a company according to your vision and strategy, giving your company a global view of the performance of your business, through statistical analysis.

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No installation needed


Notifications / Reminders


Audit of user movement


Informatic security


Compatibility with mobile devices


Development speed


Centralize information in the cloud or its servers


Data export and documentary control


Chat and corporate wall



Our systems are developed in a web environment, taking into account international programming standards, with fast and efficient data loading libraries, maintaining user-friendly visual interfaces, ensuring familiarity with the software under Windows, Linux or Mac environments.

Made in PHP and JAVASCRIPT. The final product is a robust and efficient program, which can be consulted from any in the world. The evolution in each is surprising.

How do we do it?

Supported databases:



QXNW (Javascript: Client), NWPHP (PHP: Server)

Server Language

PHP 5+ 


Linux Server (without licensing costs) / Windows Server


More than 80% of websites are exposed to being hacked. Caring for your data is crucial, such as customer bases, visitor information, statistics of your movements, users and passwords, secret information, data from your web pages, etc. Our systems are protected against all this, since we use the most rigorous tests with our web pages and our software. Thus, every day we are d of the latest methods used to violate the security of websites to make our developments stronger.

The security aspects are, nowadays, a key factor for companies which can not be overlooked at any time. And this is why it should be a priority for your organization, because hackers concentrate their faculties on applications and web pages, which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check with us the vulnerabilities of your website.

One of Our Added Values


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