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Today it is not enough to have a mobile web page, now if we can have an application that is installed on a smartphone it is easier for the user, you can enjoy the full power of the device and perform the greatest interaction

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Control of all the functions of a smart phone


Use of NFC technologies


Possibility of creating hybrid applications


Unique code for all mobile devices


Security in 3 layers


Easy to maintain over time


Easy to


Software for entertainment, technical, corporate and productivity APPS


Availability in all stores (google play, app store, etc)




We create mobile entertainment applications, news, blogs, videos, images and sounds. We have development strategies whether they are native or hybrid


Critical mission or business production

We are specialists in mobile applications for critical operations which we connect with our desktop developments. For example, it is possible to make a general program for the control of an operation and its APP application. For example, we can create a sales control application with all WEB management, and a mobile application for sellers that feeds it in real time.

What differentiates a hybrid APP from a native one?

A hybrid application consists of the development based on WEB language (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript) as the one of the web pages, adapted to the size of the mobiles, embedded in a sale developed in native language of the mobile (Java, Cocoa, etc). In this way it is possible to have direct access to it, and interact with some functions of the smart cell.

A native APP is an exclusive development for the programming language of the device. For Android (Java), IPhone (Objective C), Windows (C # and Visual Basic .NET) there are different languages, which must be separate projects.

Our experience covers both types of development, taking into account that the use of one or the other depends exclusively on the needs of the project to be carried out.

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